CoD MW2: Raid Camo Services

What is included?

  • Galvanic or Ether Wave Camo for all Weapons
  • Galvanic or Ether Wave Camo Challenges
  • Raid 3 or 4 Veteran Completion
  • Alex Keller Operator



!IMPORTANT! - We can only complete this service on the guns that you have MAX LEVEL. If you do not have your guns MAX LEVEL please do so or purchase that from us as well.

  • What is included?
    • Galvanic Raid Camo for all Weapons
    • Galvanic Camo Challenges
    • Raid 3 Veteran Completion
    • Alex Keller Operator
      Random Drop ( We cannot control what you get here because it is random)
    • Possible chance for Raid Season 4 Emblem
    • Possible chance for Raid Season 4 Calling Card
    • Possible chance for Raid Season 4 Loading Screen
    • Possible chance for Raid Season 4 Weapon CharmRaid 4 Projectile Camo Service
    • Projectile (Ether Wave) Raid Camo for all Weapons
    • Projectile (Ether Wave) Camo Challenges
    • Raid 4 Veteran Completion
  • How does this work?
    • Once you place your order we will contact you regarding all the information you need to give us to complete this order. Please give us contact information that are get notifications on and check frequently
    • We will log into your account and complete all the challenges you need the service for you.
    • We will give you clear directions and provide comprehensive support along the way to ensure you're being taken care of!
    • This services is a HARD UNLOCK which means it will never go away and is achieve through legitimate means. No cheating, hacks , or software is used on your account.
  • How long does it take?
    • We will get in contact with you and once we sort out all the information to log in and start the service wait time are typically 24-48Hrs.
    • There are a few different variables like our contact together, security codes for some accounts, and correct linking and account information.
    • We will do our best to deliver services faster then our wait times but know that we are human and we will make it a priority to take care of you to the best of our abilities.
  • Can I play while you are doing the service?
    • Unfortunately not. We will be signed into your profile so that we can do the service on your account. If you sign into your account this will delay the process and possibly set back our progress. Its important to not play on the game while we are doing the service for your account.
  • Still have questions?
    • Get in contact with us on our support channel so that we can help you with anything you might need. We are online almost 24/7 to help you with any questions you might have on our services. Its not a bother because we want to make sure you fully understand our services and the process before making a purchase. This helps things go along smoothly and we want to provide you with the best experience possible!


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